About Fredo

I am Fredo Gillis: An emerging artist and painting instructor in Southern California. I started painting just a little over a year ago and have simply fallen in love with Art. Now, I share my love for painting with others in the form of Paint and Sips. I host a variety of paint parties at different venues, restaurants, and even in homes!

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Oil on Paper on Canvas


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Acrylic, Metalic, and Oil on canvas


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Oil on wood


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  • BLONDE by ME

    Marilyn Monroe on Newspaper.

  • Couples Portraits

    Because what makes for a more heart-warming gift?

  • Pet Portraits

    Something for you and your furry friend.


"The world rewards those who are courageous enough to do what they love."

About Me

In the vibrant world of artistry and entrepreneurship, Fredo stands as a testament to the power of passion and self-discovery. Just a little over a year ago, he embarked on a journey into the colorful realm of painting, armed with little more than a brush, canvas, and an insatiable thirst for creativity.

With no formal training but fueled by a relentless drive to explore the depths of his imagination, Fredo hones his skills through countless hours of experimentation and dedication. What started as a creative birthday gift soon blossomed into something greater—a budding business that combines art with the joy of communal creation.

What sets Fredo's paint parties apart is not just the artistic experience they offer, but the warm and welcoming atmosphere cultivated by Fredo himself. Whether guiding novice painters through their first masterpiece or encouraging seasoned artists to push the boundaries of their craft, Fredo fosters a sense of camaraderie that transcends the canvas.

Driven by a passion to share the transformative power of art with others, Fredo continues to innovate and expand his business, offering a variety of themed painting events, workshops, and private parties.

As Fredo continues to flourish, one thing remains abundantly clear: the journey from self-taught artist to visionary entrepreneur is a testament to the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to dream and create. Through art, Fredo invites the world to sip, paint, and discover the endless wonders that lie within!

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